Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving A Time To Remember

This time of the year our family reflects on the meaning of Thanksgiving with the help of the book Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember by Barbara Rainey.  We have read the book as a family for the past 8 years.  A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving we start reading a little bit every day.  The book is all about why the Pilgrims left England, their voyage to Plymouth, More… »

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The Family Dinner Table

The Importance Of Eating Together As A Family Around The Table

As we approach Thanksgiving in America, we plan a meal with family and friends around the table.  The conversation around the Thanksgiving table is usually about what we are thankful for.  Most of the time, we all say that we are thankful for our families, but we are too busy to take the time to really get to know our children or our spouse.  Eating around the table is a great way to open up More… »

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