Thanksgiving A Time To Remember

This time of the year our family reflects on the meaning of Thanksgiving with the help of the book Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember by Barbara Rainey.  We have read the book as a family for the past 8 years.  A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving we start reading a little bit every day.  The book is all about why the Pilgrims left England, their voyage to Plymouth, and their struggles to survive once they landed .  The book tells about how the pilgrims were dissatisfied with the state-sponsored religion of the Church of England.  They wanted more religious freedom.  They knew the journey would be difficult and once in Jamestown they would probably face diseases and “savages” but they trusted God to take care of them.  They followed God’s call.  It was a very difficult road.  The book goes into great detail about the struggles.  By October 1621, the pilgrims finally had a good harvest.  They were thankful for the harvest. They decided to have a Thanksgiving festival and invited their Indian friends. 

When we celebrate Thanksgiving this year and every year, let’s remember why the settlers left the Church of England.  Remember the pilgrims had an extremely difficult voyage and first year but God still blessed them.  They celebrated after the harvest with a Thanksgiving feast.  I hope your family takes the time to reflect on the first Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember is a great book.

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